Jim Schachterle


Micro Utopias


Created by Form&

Almost half of the world's population is on the Internet, almost 10 billion devices are connected, and more than half a billion mobile devices and connections were added last year. Billions of people are colliding, exchanging, creating in real-time, overnight ideas are formed, micro-communities are made, and the world changes.

So what is the role of the Internet in the creation of our futures? Are the micro-communities we form, actually micro-utopias? And in an interface-first world, how do brands deliver value in the moments that matter to a micro-utopian world?


Form& designed an audiovisual experience for IAM that explores the speed, manner, and ephemerality at which micro-utopias form, coalesce, disperse, and form again. Realized as three digital islands, the installation explored ideas that define flash points in a culture created and connected by the Internet.